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Welcome to Gamblers Anonymous of Northern California

You are not alone. We too have suffered the consequences of gambling for too long and for too much money. Some of us played slot machines or online games, some bet on sports or horses, some played poker or casino games, some bought hundreds of lottery tickets, and some of us traded on the stock market.

Whether our game of choice was bingo or day trading stock options, our inability to stop or control our gambling was the same. We couldn’t stop. We tried. We swore that this time we would only gamble until we lost a certain amount of money or for some specific length of time. We pledged to ourselves that this time would be different. Yet time and time again we found ourselves losing more money and spending more time than we had planned – often times considerably more.

We came to GA for different reasons. Maybe a spouse threatened to leave or a judge sentenced you to attend meetings. Perhaps on your last gambling spree you lost more than you ever had before and it scared you. Maybe you had a moment of clear thinking and suddenly you knew that the problem was out of control and you needed help. On the other hand, possibly you simply got worn down and became “sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

Whatever the reason you came here, you are welcome. We truly don’t care about your race, religious beliefs/non-beliefs, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, income, socioeconomic background, level of education, criminal record, political opinions, health, psychological issues, height, weight or any of the other things that divide people outside of our rooms. The only requirement for Gamblers Anonymous membership is a desire to stop gambling. Even if you are not certain about whether you want to completely quit gambling, many of our meetings are open so anyone can attend them. There are also no dues or fees for GA membership. As we like to say “Give GA a chance. If you don’t like it, we will fully refund your misery!”

The easiest way to get started is simply to drop into a meeting. People will be there who can help answer your questions. Many of our members have completely quit gambling and dramatically turned their lives around.